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VMS has been developing a proven formula for success. Through our experience there are three keys absolutely vital to success  in any business.


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Solid Knowledge Base.


Knowledge is the key to success. Its what drives all other aspects of business and what sets the company apart from others. We seek out and look to expand upon the knowledge base of our employees to write a successful plan for all aspects of our business.


Solid Business Ethic.


We believe in doing business the right way. Our ethics or code is what drives us personally and as a business to succeed. Its where we get that drive to push thru. Its also where and how we get a solid business reputation among our customers. Without ethics or that line drawn in the sand the business foundation is week, which sets you up for failure.


Solid Business Relationships

Thru solid relationships with our employees and customers we are able to complete the formula for success. We strive to provide positive relationships amongst ourselves which in turn filters to all others. By keeping the company tight like a family we are able to endure and succeed. Its a vital experience gained thru military services.

San Diego Commercial Diving, Hull Cleaning, and Salvage

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