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Additional Services

Underwater Welding, Cutting, and Burning

Our trained dive technicians have the experience and ability to perform difficult welding and cutting tasks to meet complete customer satisfaction. Holes, punctures, fractures, cracks, openings, and fittings can be temporarily repaired by our highly efficient underwater welders.

Patches welded onto ships hulls
Rudder inspection plates removed and welded
Damaged bilge keel – cut and trimmed
Patching of underwater pipelines

Thermal lance trimming of propeller blades

Elephant foot shell plate patching

Stop drilling of cracks

Certified welders / trades persons

Ships Husbandry (Cofferdams, Blanks, etc.)

A Hull blank is an underwater plate used to seal suctions and discharged from water. Blanks are used to gain valve protection during valve repair and replacement to prevent internal flooding.

A cofferdam is an underwater enclosure constructed to displace water with air for the purpose of creating a dry work environment for underwater repairs.


 Cofferdams are fixed to the structure by wet-welding or clamps and a dry space is created using valves for a safe attachment to the hull. From the inside welders work in dry space which is the same environmental conditions as if in a dry dock to weld the inserts.

    Closed cofferdams
    Double function cofferdams for dry entry
    Purpose built habitats for dry entry
    Flexible Kevlar banks and magnetic blanks
    Blanking for sea intake and overboard discharge pipes
    Blanking of thrusters tunnels for internal inspection seal replacement       or repairs.

•Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Inspections
•Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services

VMS provides video and imaging solutions to meet your needs.  We also utilize ROV (remotely operated vehicles) for areas where we cannot go.

We take video, whether that be with helmet mounted HD systems on our divers, or camera systems mounted on our ROV. Our dives are videoed with an HD video system camera for real time, top side observation.

We can also provide you with post production documentation if you require. Post production involves taking the raw footage of the dive and editing it to provide you with a more concise documentation for your project. We can also employ and engineer to narrate the dive for you.

We offer:

Video surveys and inspections.
Submerged Cable inspections.
Mooring inspections.
Search and Recovery of sunken boats, planes, vehicles, other objects.
Internal and external pipeline surveys.
Environmental assessments for construction and De-commissioning.
Inspection of underwater structures, such as bridges, dams, water intakes, outfalls, pipelines, sub-sea cables.

Settling Pond assessment and cleanup
Commercial Diver support

Non-destructive testing comprises a range of non-invasive technologies and techniques to determine the integrity of a material, component or structure; or quantitatively measure some characteristic of an object.

Because it does not harm, stress or destroy the test object, NDT plays a crucial role in ensuring cost-effective operation, safety and reliability which are important factors for any industry; particularly marine and oil & gas.

Ultrasonic Testing; useful for detecting surface and subsurface flaws in welds, tubing, joints, castings, billets, forgings, shafts, pressure vessels, engine and structural components.

Eddy Current Inspection; particularly applicable for metals, alloys and electro-conductors. ECI is useful for detecting surface and subsurface flaws on tubing, wire, bearings, rails, non-metal coatings and components.

Magnetic Particle Inspection; for ferromagnetic materials. MPI is useful for detecting surface and subsurface flaws of welds, tubing, bars, castings, billets, forgings and extrusions.

•Security Swims  (Homeland Security)
•Movie Production Safety Operations Assistance
•Penetration Diving
•Hazardous Material Diving
•Diving Consulting Services
•Harbor Clearance
•Vehicle Recovery
•Underwater  Cable  Location
•Rescue Services and Casualty Response 
•Insurance and Brokerage Surveys, Inspections, and Salvage
•Underwater  Digital Video and Photography Documentations
•Dam Inspections and Repairs
•Underwater Construction and Demolition
•Pipeline Repair, Burial, and Tie-In
•Cathodic Protection Installation, Testing, and Repair
•Hand Dredging and Jetting
•Enclosed Space Cleaning, Inspections, and Repairs

Emergency Services on call 24/7


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San Diego Commercial Diving, Hull Cleaning, and Salvage

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