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Veterans continuing to serve, Making a difference one project and job at a time. That's our everyday thinking and motivation. Our mission is to do the job on time, as safely as possible, and above expectations.  VMS is founded and operated by real American veterans. We provide top notch marine services in a professional manner with over 30 years of work and field experience working in the diving community. Founded and operated in San Diego, Ca. At VMS we are always looking to expand and operate in the next challenging work environment, but at the same time always remembering our founding goals of making a difference with no exceptions. We are here for you, we care and understand, and we as Americans should remember the principles our country was built on. That hard work, honesty, and core values are essential in everything we do. Here at Veterans Marine Service those are words we live by.

Our Vision.

The original vision and concept for the inception of VMS was to hire as many Veterans as possible and deliver consistent work performance, plain and simple. The majority of veterans hold certifications and real world experience that can only be obtained thru Military service. We understand that many employment opportunities require special skills and seek out highly qualified employees to fill those needs and as a company do our part to reduce the Military unemployment rate in this country which is at a record high of 15%!

Company Profile.

Over 12 Years of Commercial Diving Experience. We have the capability and equipment to accomplish a wide scope of jobs and contracts and will provide them to 100% customer satisfaction. We provide services for the Government as well as the civilian market. As an emerging company in the region we are constantly expanding and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

Company Information

SIC Codes: 16290110, 16290100, 44939901, 44990100, 449990103

NAIC Codes: 213112, 237990, 238190, 238910, 336611, 488330, 488390, 541990, 561990, 713930, 811310

San Diego Commercial Diving, Hull Cleaning, and Salvage

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